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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> flames were pouring in through the kitchen window. i just ran out and grabbed what i could. ran out on the street. >> ama: dozens of people lost their homes in a fast-moving apartment fire in san francisco. six people were hurt, including five firefighters inside the burning building when the stairs beneath them gave away. >> nothing but wood buildings >> i never realized how brave firefighters are until i watched them today. >> ama: good evening. >> alan: the four alarm fire tore through an apartment building in the mission district on valencia street. sends plumes of smoke over the
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city. lillian kim has details. >> ama: we'll begin with sirow quintana. sir sergio? >> this morning this neighborhood was gearing up for a sunday street fair. but this fire rattled the neighborhood. you can see it basically destroyed that blue building there, and severely damaged a neighboring building on valencia. >> the windows started breaking, and the flames started shooting out. >> a heavy smoke coming out, and then all of a sudden the flame came out and we could feel it. >> for people on the street this was spectacular and terrifying fire to watch. >> we were going in the coffee shop this morning and all of a sudden somebody started yelling, get out, get out. fire. >> after yelling for everyone to
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get out of the coffee shop. ran into the liquor store next door with a fire extinguisher. >> i tried to put the fire down but i look between the wall, the fire is already very hot, and so hot. >> he says firefighters got there at that moment and began their attack. >> there was fire from the bottom of the lightwell, back of the liquor store, the first crews on scene, the flames were 20 feet above the roof. >> one resident was safely pulled out and was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. >> she was screaming. she was in trauma. and they pulled her out. >> fire teams aggressively attacked the blaze, keeping it from spreading, but five firefighters were injured. three when a stairwell inside the building collapsed while they were in it. >> don't have too many details hon the firefighters' injuries, as to the extent of the injuries. we know there were actually two firefighters on the stairwell when it collapsed. they did have what are described
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musculoskeletal injuries. their lieutenant had minor injuries. they went to the hospital. the other two firefighters, one had a foot injury and the other cut his hand. those are not very serious injuries for those two firefighters. reporting live in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc-7 news. >> alan: now lillian kim is live at the center where the red cross is helping dozens of people who lost their homes. tough day out there. >> reporter: this is where volunteers at the american red cross distributed food and hotel vouchers, enough for three days. 37 people came hear for assistance. seven were children from the same extended family. some people, especially nose the lower units, were able to retrieve some item from the department. the fire department gave them 10-15 minutes to take what they could. displaced residents say they're
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appreciative of the short-term help from the red cross. as for long-term placement, the american red cross will help with that as well for those who need it. >> i feel bad. i feel so sad for them. i don't know what i'm going to do. i have five kids. that's hard. >> we did find some temporary housing in some local motels for the people for the next few days. but then we encourage them to come into the office where we can do some more work and maybe referrals for longer term housing. >> reporter: now, not everyone took a hotel voucher. many found a place to stay with family or friends, but everyone did take the food vouchers. live in san francisco. abc-7 news. >> alan: people in the mission district used their cell phones to grab some amazing photos and video moments after the fire broke out.
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>> antonio perkins shared this cell phone video with us. you can hear the signs in the -- sirens in the background. >> look at the flames. >> alan: jeffrey moore narrated while he shot video from the window across the street from the burning building. >> ama: ryan brock lives nearby and tweeted some pictures. he heard a loud pop before he saw smoke. >> alan: and this is one of the many airal ladders firefighterred extended to the roof. >> and jim jim crumb took this o from a hill above the castro district. >> alan: we appreciate it when you share your break news video and photos. uploador content at slash you report. >> the fear broke out in a condominium in san jose, one of
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our news photographers happens to live in the same complex and captured this cell phone video of the flame. fire started at 2:30 and gutted one unit but didn't spread to any other condos. nobody was hurt. it appears nobody was home when the fire broke out but unfortunately one dog did fire. investigators don't know what sparkedded. >> a quick-thinking pilot landed in san francisco bay. the pilot was unable to extend the nose gear on his amphibious plain for his landing at the palo alto airport so he dipped into the bay. he landed without injury on the water. >> alan: an oakland police officer shot and killed a suspect this morning. the officer was also wounded in the exchange of gunfire. it happened just after midnight near 92nd avenue and birch street. police say two patrol officers tried to stop three people but one suspect ran from the scene. after a short chase the suspect and at least one officer exchanged gunfire. the officer was wounded in the leg. this marks oakland's third
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officer-involved shooting of the year. one of them happened in mid-march on the same stretch of road. >> ama: still ahead, big changes this week in european politics, and we could feel the effects in the bay area tomorrow. >> down to my wife. >> alan: you'll hear from the man who took photos as two supposedly tame cheetahs attack his wife. >> leigh: as much as ten degrees up across the bay area. most locations right now still in the 80s. get ready for a nice warmup for at least the first part of our work week. then we'll start to cool things down. hello?
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>> ama: french president sarkozy lost tis bid for re-election. [speaking in foreign language] >> ama: supporters groaned as he accepted defeat in paris. sarkozy was a conservative and was defeated by socialist francois holland e. man voters blame sarkozy for france's economic problems. >> greek voters punished their leading parties. noun of -- none of the parties won enough votes to form a government which raises doubts how greece can handle the financial crisis. the shakeup in europe could put u.s. markets down. >> two cheetahs attacked a woman in south africa and her husband took pictures of the whole thing. they got a chance to pet two supposedly tame cheetahs at a game preserve. one cheetah lunged for a trial,
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and she tried to stop it and then found herself under attack from both cats. her husband kept taking pictures, not realizing what was happening. >> then just about 20 seconds, both of them had turned on to my wife, and we didn't expect anything to happen like this, and i don't think that the guide even knew what to do. >> alan: the attack lasted for more than three minutes before the guide beat the sheet da's -- cheetah's back with a stick. she lost blood and her eye was injured but no life-threatening wound. >> ama: a bullied student fights back. >> i put it up and then -- and the guys backed up. >> alan: happened to the teenager and how his school was handling is it one of most talked-about stories of the weekend. >> ama: could today's weather be anymore perfect?
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>> ama: parents of bullied children give their kid goodded a viessments walk away, tell the plan, but this is unusual. >> alan: a parent in indiana gave her son a stun gun to protect himself. here's the story. >> for students across the country, the fear of bullying can be all too real. one indiana family decided to take matters sphwhier own hands. >> i did it twice. and then they backed up. >> this is darnell young, a junior in indianapolis and this is his stun gun. darnell says he was constantly being bullied and the school was doing nothing to help. this principal told the newspaper if he dressed flamboyantly kids are going to say whatever they want to say. >> this is me. this is who i am. just because i wear fashion
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stuff, because i wear long boots and i'm in dress code, made my feel horrible but this is me. >> his family said the bullying was so constant and intimidating, his mother decided he needed protection so she bought him a stun gun. >> i had to do something to show i'm not going to let anybody hurt you. >> she says she hoped he would never have to use it but one day darnell felt so threatened by six students that surrounded him, he felt come belled to use it. >> i put it up and then just the guys backed up, and then they were still talking stuff. i put it back in any bag and went straight to class. >> the police arrested young. stun guns are not allowed in schools in indiana. they can be a dangerous weapon, sending thousands of volts of electricity in whoever they touch, and now darnell is suspended from school and awaiting a decision whether he will be expelled all together. his mother says she would do it again. >> if regret that he is suffering, because i told him to
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be himself. >> ama: well, time to check on the weather, which today was amazing. >> alan: no complaints. >> ama: 75 degrees. >> alan: leigh glaser is standing by. >> leigh: you're right. temperatures in the 70s, mid-and-low 80s, and we'll warm things up tomorrow. beautiful shot. clear skies from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera. looking over the bay. a few high clouds drifted by from time to time today. we may see that again tonight. brut for all intents and purposes get ready for clear skies this evening. already 85 degrees in antioch right now. concord, you're checking in at 84. napa, 80. san rafael, 80 there. santa rosa this hour, 84. 59 half moon bay. and a string of 82s from mountain view down towards san jose. so, yes, quite a delightful day,
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and a much warmer day. temperatures coming up as much as eight degrees for redwood city. up 9 degrees in hayward, san for instance by five and antioch up by six degrees, and probably going to come up another five degrees tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at the highlights. clear tonight. a little breezy over the hills as those northeasterly winds are starting to filter down. warm to hot day tomorrow, mainly inland. the closer to the coast and bay, temperatures will be very comfortable in the 70s, and then we start to cool things down wednesday, thursday, and friday. here's a look at the closeup satellite. you can see it right here. just a few little high clouds that moved on through the bay area. otherwise, clear skies tonight. temperatures generally in the mid-to possibly upper 50s. antioch tonight, getting down to -- by tomorrow morning, 59 degrees. 53 for san francisco, and 54 for
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san jose. the setup, not going to change that much for at least the next several days. high pressure keeping the storm track well to the north of us and creating those warm offshore winds, thanks to the clockwise circulation around the high. so more warming on monday. by tuesday, we should start to see a little fog creep in near the coast. so they'll cool on tuesday. but really looks like mid-week and the latter part of the work week before temperatures come town. enjoy tomorrow. 86, san jose, 83 for sunnyvale. the coast will warm up tomorrow. mild, half moon bay, 73. pacifica, 70. 84, redwood city, san francisco tomorrow, 77 degrees. 70 for daly city. north bay, santa rosa, 87. east bay, 83 for oakland. 85 castro valley. interior east bay, where it's going to get toasty. 88 for brentwood.
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87 for con considered, and santa cruz tomorrow, great day for the boardwalk. hires the seven-day forecast. warm day monday and tuesday. get into the cooler sea breeze on wednesday. cooling the coast don't and then we'll all gradually cool down thursday, friday, saturday. right now mother's day looks great lan. >> ama: thank you, league. >> alan: good reminder, too. >> ars and giants in the headlines. >> mike: as come from way behind to beat tampa bay, and the brewers, sending the game to extra innings.
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>> mike: the a's are road warriors taking four of six in boston and tampa bay. matt joyce a single to right, and the a's battle back in the third. johnny gomes, 5-8 against his former team in this series. drives in redding with the single. then brandon inge, gets all of it. a three-run bomb. they score five times in the third, all with two out and win it 9-5 to improve to a game over .500. >> the grate willy mays celebrated his 85th birthday before the giants-brewers game. a double to right. scores from first. giants take the 2-1 lead. no one is hotter than pagon.
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pagano would score to make it 3-1. to the nine. man on first. former giant travis ishikawa. are you kidding me? just under the glove of pagon. we're tied at three. stays that way until the 11th. sanchez wins with a walkoff single. giants head to l.a. with the victory. everyone seems to have miami penciled in as the nba champion. up 3-0 on the knicks but new york fought back today to take game four right here on abc-7. amar'e stoudemire in the lineup. the flush. now knicks up three. lebron james, flashes it in from downtown. 27 for lbj. tied at 84. anthony answers back. knicks win 89-87 to stop an nba record 13-game playoff losing
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streak. sixers pulled away from the bulls late in game four. holiday hits the three. 3 seconds later, connects again. 20 points for him. sixers put the bulls on the road and lead the series. to the ice, king and the blues. the kings capped a does in the third. scoring on the empty net. get the sweep with the victory. they're in the conference finals for only the second time in franchise history. >> there is so much young talent on the pga tour, it's been hard for a guy like rickie fowler to get into the winner's circle. fowler clicking on all circles. tied for the lead at 14-under. waisted opportunities. d.a. points for par, and the wind -- win on 18. 14-under. rory mcilroy, a chance to win
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on 18. birdie putt. to strong. fowler sets the time on the first playoff hole. incredible approach. two feet from the jar, and he taps that in for birdie, and the colorful 23-year-old is finally a winner on the pga tour. >> we'll head to talladega at 6:00 for a little nascar action and hear from the g-men on their victory,. >> ama: did you see the avengers this weekend? >> we call ourselves sort of like a team. >> alan: if you saw the film you're part of a movie record. that's ahead at 5:00. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no.
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>> i don't really think the noise is in carburetor. you get a this from a carburetor. i believe it's something else. >> ama: the man who made a good-natured gas station attendant on the andy griffith show and heehaw has died. george lindsey spend years perfecting the role of goober pyle. he was 83 years old. >> the other movies were no competition for the aven aven -- avengers. >> alan: the took in over $200 million. that shatters the record harry potter set when it took in $169 million during the debut weekend, and $200 million is
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considered a respectable take for all movies in a release for the weekend. also, think like a main, with 8 million, and hung fer games with 6 million. >> ama: protein switch, the connection between mad cow disease some what may be a treatment for alzheimer. >> this is all bat simple proposition. >> joe biden, what he said that prompted his office into an immediate effort to clarify his captioned by closed captioning services inc.


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